Looking for the hills!

Do you want to prepare a race in a professional way? Do you want to gain strength? Do you want to run faster? Then you need to climb. Climb hills.

Hills are the best way to improve. I will add fartlek too. But coming back to the hills. Do you know where there are the hills in your town?

With R, Tableau and my database of trainings I decide to discover the hills of my town.

First, I chose a training where are I knew there was a hill. Then with R I developed an algorithm to identify a distance (one hundred meters) with a descent or climb of the 20%. (It means you go up or go down 20 meters in a distance of 100 meters).

The algorithm looks like this:


And it works fine! If after that I paint with Tableau the results, voilà!:


In orange we can see the hill I went up during my training. If I zoom the map to see the street and then check in google maps that place. I can confirm it is a hill:



Finally, If I apply this algorithm to all my trainings then I expect to have all the hills of my town and…


…got it!

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