Analyzing Behobia’s hills

Recently a good friend of mine: Edu has run the classic race known as Behobia.

It goes from Behobia to San Sebastian. 20 amazing kilometres in the north of Spain.

As usual, I decided to analyze the hills of the race with R and Tableau taking as input the GPS positions.

The profile of the race is the next one:

ScreenHunter_1565 Dec. 05 15.47.jpg

In the algorithm I have developed to detect the hills in the race, I apply a factor of 10%. It means go up 10 meters in 100 meters distance.

The result is:

ScreenHunter_1568 Dec. 05 16.06.jpg

So it detects the hills in the kilometer 6-7 and 15-16. But if apply a factor of 7% then the results is:

ScreenHunter_1567 Dec. 05 16.05.jpg

It detects the main hills of the race, so it indicates that Behobia is a difficult race, up and down and running to the goal…as life.



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