Comparing my R Code against an R expert code

Following the great post: «How To Learn R, Part 1: Learn From A Master Data Scientist’s Code» where you can see which functions are most frequently used functions by an R expert.

The next graph sums up this fact:


So, we can see he is using ggplot2 a lot, but also some useful functions as: filter, mutate, group_by from package dplyr.

Next step, is get the same graph for my functions. This is the result:


So, what we can see is that mainly I am using the base package. Obviuosly the functions used depend on the functionality we need to develop, but we can get some conclusions:

  • The package dplyr seems a very useful package
  • The ggplot2 is the package choosen by graph, so it is important to use it better.
  • In general, I am using the base package mainly for all, so I can save time, understanding better other libraries as broom.

Still job to do to become an R expert! 😉



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